The villa Koukounaries

Translated as the house of pine cones. From Babylon, Magna Graecia and up to modern times, the pine cone has always been a symbol of eternity, of hospitality and of welcome. We want to perpetuate this tradition and offer our hospitality, long life and friendship to those who visit us.


The pine cone lends itself to numerous meanings that have their roots in the distant Babylonian culture, penetrating into the Greek and Roman Catholic cultures, with the meaning of a cosmic egg linked to the birth of creation, at the beginning of everything. The pine cone is also a symbol of fertility of the mind that produces ideas of renewal and growth as its ovoid shape is associated in different cultures with the pineal gland of the human brain.

Given the evergreen coniferous tree of which the pine cone is the fruit, it also takes on the meaning of longevity and eternity, thus enriching balconies and entrance gates of ancient villas and noble gardens, but also of monumental cemeteries, church facades and convents, until populating the thrones of kings and popes as the materialization of the soul, the bridge that unites the ground with the divine.